Problems and Pests

A collection of links to good information about controling insect pests and other growing problems.

The University of California at Davis controls the state wide integrated pest management project. They have an extensive searchable database with clear close up photos. Here are links for some of the most useful pages:

Planning to spray? First question the safety of that chemical your planning to use. The California Enviormental Protection Agency, Department of Pesticide Regulation has the warnings and safety information. There are lots of bug killers, take time to find a safe one.

insect information Click on First Ray's logo for a detailed discription of the insects that usually attack orchids. Aphids, Mealybugs, Scale, Spider Mites, and Thrips are stars in his hit parade. A click on remedies takes you to Ray's bug control the kitchen way. Cinnamon, alcohol and several other non-toxic (to humans) ways to control bugs and other orchid problems. Because so many of us grow our orchids indoors, toxic chemicals may not be our best controls.

From Australia, detailed Orchid information on Plant Viruses Online: Descriptions and Lists from the VIDE Database as mirrored at the University of Idaho.