to my Orchid Greenhouse.

Orchid is the common name for a plant that belongs to the Orchidaceae family. They are probably the most successful plant family growing on earth. There are over 20,000 naturally growing species around the world and intergeneric hybrids have added more variety. The only place that does not have native Orchids is Antarctica.

The orchids that are most often cultivated as houseplants are epiphytes or air plants. Because they have seen pictures of orchids clinging to trees, many people think they are parasitic. Orchids are not parasitic, they cling to but do not take sustenance from the trees or harm them in anyway. Because the plants commonly grown like the same 'semitropical' temperature as you do, they make comfortable housemates.

I have included photos of some of the plants I have bloomed. I hope you enjoy the color and variety. It is usually a short jump from admiring orchids to growing them. To help with your shopping I have included links to the Orchid Mall and some of my favorite vendors. The Orchid Mall is "one stop shopping for Orchids & Supplies."

Susan Erickson